Hello, world.

This post is created inside Evernote. Thanks to postach.io, we may now create and edit posts from Evernote.
The setup is simple. Go to postach.io and login with your Evernote account. Follow the instructions and here it comes.
To create a post, create a new note inside Evernote. Remember to choose the new notebook that postach.io created in Evernote, and save the note with a “published” tag.
有一个奇怪的 bug: 在 Evernote 里用 Google 拼音输入法有的时候打不出来字…… 哎所以上面都用英文了。我还是第一次发现这个问题。最近为了用 Solidworks 和 Lightroom, 主要在 Windows 7 下生活。


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